One of the biggest crises facing South Africans today is unemployment, and Stellenbosch has not been spared. Our experience has taught us that a big factor hampering people from finding good employment is a lack of skills, and this is where Stellemploy makes a big contribution – we provide training to the unskilled, allowing them to find better jobs. We, therefore, strongly believe in being change makers.

We also run a work placement programme where we place our recently trained and other select jobseekers with employers in our Stellemploy family network. More than just helping someone find a good job, we equip our jobseekers with self-motivation- and self-development skills, enabling them to build careers. The curriculum therefore has a strong added focus on life- and business skills, not only on the technical training required for their chosen field.

We also possess the social support skills to understand the circumstances of each student and identify what they need to be successful. In consultation with friends in the Stellemploy family network and churches in Stellenbosch, we tackle each unique challenge. For example, through our network, we could recently assist two orphan students in our programme with transport, while friends and a local church provided room and board, which enabled them to complete our one-year chef course successfully.

Whether you are a jobseeker ready to make a change for your future, or someone who sees the value of skills development and wants to support our efforts, we invite you to become a change maker with us.

Stellemploy delivers SERVICES in three main areas

for the unskilled

of our students

Placement of QUALIFYING
who already possess the necessary skills

COURSES we offer

Electrical skills 5 weeks Construction SETA and Energy SETA
Plumbing skills 4 weeks Construction SETA
Handyman skills 8 weeks Construction SETA
Carpentry skills 4 weeks Construction SETA
Automotive spray-painting skills 8 weeks MerSeta
Welding skills 5 weeks Construction SETA
Gardening skills 2 weeks Agri SETA
Painting skills 4 weeks Construction SETA
Chef (assistant level) 8 weeks Highfield Education