Stellemploy supports two kinds of jobseekers:

  1. Jobseekers who have the necessary skills and can be placed directly.
  2. Jobseekers who do not have the necessary skills and who qualify for our free training courses. Our successful students who have completed their training with us, can be helped to find work.

For jobseekers who require TRAINING

Experience taught us that work seekers with market-related skills will be able to find employment much easier. We do the work to make sure our students have the best opportunities. We are experts in reading the job market and focus on the courses that will prepare you for the current job market. The courses we present therefore change according to what the market requires. We also invest in our students’ personal development by focusing on life skills that will make them good employees.

Our short courses are between 2‒8 weeks (see the full course schedule). One course, our diploma-level chef course, is presented over 1 year.

It is important for us that students complete their training because that is the best way we can help so we spend time to help students find the course that will best suit them. We realise that life can be tough and circumstances may change, that is why we walk the road with students and assist them where we can.

The quality of the training environment and the training content is evident in the following video, in which Chef Leta du Toit-October guides students in the Chef Assistant course.

PLACEMENT of our students

Our main mission is to help our students find work. A big part of our work involves placing our apprentices in jobs from the partners in our Stellemploy family network. But more than that, we also invest in our students through different skills we teach. We try to keep in touch after we helped them find good work to make sure that our investment in our students have successfully helped them with their long-term careers.

We follow-up on our students in two ways. Firstly, we contact the employers to make sure that our students are successful by being trustworthy employees who not only keep their jobs but build successful careers. Secondly, we would like to hear from our students to find out if our help has made contribution to their success.

Listen to them talk about their journeys to success.

PLACEMENT of qualifying jobseekers

Many of our jobseekers already possess the necessary technical skills and do not need to attend our training courses. We can immediately place those applicants who have been accepted from our selection process, on our list of applicants. Should a job become available with one of the employers in our Stellemploy family network, we help the jobseeker to apply for the job.

We have been very successful over the past 20+ years and have already placed 4 777 people (2019). Following is a figure that shows how the number of people we placed have grown over the years.