Stellemploy’s business model aims to keep fixed costs low while channelling maximum cash flow to the point of impact, reducing the sustainability risk and bringing about flexibility. The success of this model can be seen in the fact that 90% of funds are used for training and job placement activities.

Broadly speaking, Stellemploy’s business model comprises the following building blocks:

  • The use of a multipurpose training facility.
  • Obtaining usage rights to existing accredited technical training courses and then adding human development elements.
  • The contracting of high-level trainers on a piecework basis.
  • As a registered service provider, contracting to offer training courses for the Stellenbosch Municipality.
  • Limiting the function of permanent employees to core functions such as human development, quality control and building relationships with apprentices, employers, trainers and a broader support group, including the following practical outcomes:
    – Development of course content
    – Selection and testing of potential candidates
    – Registration of students
    – Support of students
    – Personal development and motivation of students
    – Empowerment of students to continuously develop their careers and communities
    – Support and administration of courses
    – Quality control
    – Work placement and equipment of students to seek work independently