The reality of South Africa today is that a large portion of our society still bears the burden of poverty from which they struggle to escape. We have a vision to help break this poverty cycle, specifically in the developing communities in the larger Stellenbosch municipal area. We combat the causes of unemployment by improving our jobseekers’ employability. We believe that by equipping jobseekers with the appropriate technical and life skills, we can empower them to find and use the job opportunities they encounter. We do this by:

  • Training jobseekers who lack the necessary technical and life skills. Training includes
    – life characteristics components,
    – life skills component, and
    – business skills component.

  • Helping these newly skilled and other qualifying jobseekers to find meaningful work.

  • Facilitating personal transformation for our jobseekers regarding their self-worth and accepting responsibility for themselves.

  • Equipping our jobseekers to break the poverty cycle in their lives.